Sunday, December 30, 2012


I have taken a wonderful assignment for the winter in Barbados to design and build a garden. I also decided to import plants from Canada to Barbados for this project. All necessary permits and inspections were completed after an interesting shop to two nuseries in ontario and the first specializing in succulents and the other airplants/Tillandsias. Below a few pictures of the succulent nursery, cuttings were made from stock plants alleviating any rootwashing that is mandatory with plant export, over 100 cuttings were made.
A selection of the Tillandsias I chose, which had just arrived into Canada the day previous from a supplier in Europe.
The suitcase being opened and plants being potted up. Most of the plants are varieties not available on island after discussing beforehand with a local bajan garden designer.
The next chapter of the project will follow shortly......