Friday, March 25, 2011

The Good ,The BaD and THE UgLy...........




A ROAD TRIP TO THE 2011 PHILADELPHIA FLOWER SHOW. The largest indoor flower show in the world, established in 1829 the oldest for north america. It was a fantastic show with a high level of quality garden displays using not youre run of the mill plants successfully forced for the first week in march. The set design and eye for detail was evident as was the focus on horticulture not hardscape. A welcome relief from shows that are staged in Toronto on the decline. Philadelphia is a wonderful city to visit, easy to explore on foot and tasty restaurants abound.

PHILADELPHIA CITY HALL The second tallest masonry building in the world, one of many fine examples of incredible architecture in the city.

The city is adorned with many fantastic murals of the highest quality and variety of materials.

MACY'S GRAND ORGAN , The largest operational pipe organ in the world. It plays twice a day monday to saturday.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Adieu St Lucia

Well 3 months have already passed and I've escaped some of toronto's tough winter. Now back to the cold and snow. We have accomplished alot since my arrival. Huge sections of new garden and hopefully a more stable river from the waterfall to take the coming rainy seasons storm water safely out of the garden. Its been a challenge creating and planting up new areas, time will tell how successful they are.